Animating still objects

The acoustics consultancy firm Soundzipper held an IKEA Hackathon in June 2017. I created a series of stopmotion videos showcasing how IKEA products could be creatively turned into acoustic solutions.

Post 4.png

Turning bed slats into acoustic diffusers

Here, we have the LURÖY slatted bed base. Thought it was just for putting your mattress on? Think again.

Its curved surfaces act to diffuse sound waves in different directions!

Post 5.png

An acoustic absorber you can jot down notes on

To create a DIY acoustic panel with a second function as well, we combined the LUNS writing/magnetic board with small plants (also from IKEA). Interestingly, the soil acts as an absorber!

With the bottom half transformed into an acoustic absorber of sorts, the top half is retained so memos can be written on it.